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LRIT CTR Order Form

All certificates are priced at GBP 100.00/USD 175.00 unless otherwise specified.

Excepted flags include BELIZE (GBP 125.00/USD 225.00), SIERRA LEONE (GBP 235.00/USD 375.00), PANAMA (GBP 156.00/USD 250.00) and PALAU (GBP 235.00/USD 375.00).

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STANDARD SERVICE: On receipt, Pole Star will raise a proforma invoice and send it to the email address you have provided above. Conformance Test Reports(CTRs) will be produced within 3 days of our receipt of cleared funds. (GBP 15.00/USD 26.00 - in addition to the value of your CTR)
FAST TRACK: Within 24 hours, we will email a PDF copy to you and dispatch the hard copy via express courier, provided your application is received before 1500 GMT. This 'Fast Track' service, whereby you apply and pay for your certificate immediately, guarantees you will receive the PDF before 1500 GMT on the following working day. Urgent requests that are received after the cut-off time of 1500 GMT, will be issued the day after the next working day. (GBP 115.00/USD 201.00 - in addition to the value of your CTR)
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