LRIT CTR Help page

Completing the Order Form

All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are mandatory and must be filled out before submitting the Conformance Test Report (CTR) Request.

Requesting Changes to an existing CTR

If you require changes to an existing Conformance Test Report, please check the box highlighted below.

PLEASE NOTE: You will only need to enter the information that you are changing. Do not complete any fields where the information is not changing.

For example, if only the Vessel name is changing, please fill only the 'Vessel Name' field.

If you require assistance completing the changing fields, please contact our Support team at or call us on +44 207 313 7403.

Changes to existing LRIT Tests for Flags who issue their own certificates (Liberia, Singapore Etc…)

Where a flag issues their own LRIT certificates Pole Star will be able to send the amended Conformance Test results in the required format.

In order for Pole Star to update the vessel’s details and issue the amended test results you will be required to complete the online order form stating the new details that are to be applied. You will require the vessel's Pole Star Test number (Please enquire with Pole Star’s LRIT Team if you do not have this) and you need to tick the checkbox where asked if ‘changes are required’, add ONLY the correct/new information you wish to be applied to the new certificate then complete the mandatory fields on the order form (You will be asked for BILLING DETAILS however rest assured there is no charges for this service, Pole Star will soon be creating a more adequate order form for these types of requests and simply applying ‘N/A’ under the Finance Section will enable you to proceed).

Once Pole Star receive and action your request you will receive an email notification to confirm the amended results have been sent and you can approach the flag directly for the vessel’s new LRIT Certificate.

CTR Delivery

There are two delivery service options available, Standard and Fast Track.

Standard Service (GBP 15.00/USD 26.00 - in addition to the value of your CTR) guarantees that Pole Star will send your CTR within 3 days of receipt of funds. If you have credit terms, your CTR will be sent withing 3 days of receiving your request.

Fast Track (GBP 115.00/USD 201.00 - in addition to the value of your CTR) guarantees that Pole Star will email the PDF copy of your CTR within 24 hours of cleared funds or receipt of order if credit terms are in place. CTRs will be sent by express courier to the delivery address.

Error received:

If you receive this error, please check the following:

- The test number is correctly entered
- The test was completed successfully
- You have waited at least one (1) hour after the test has successfully passed to order your Conformance Test Report
- The test was completed by Pole Star
If you are still unable to process your order, please contact or, if your request is urgent, call us on +44 207 313 7403.

Order submitted with the wrong test number

If the details displayed after your order is submitted are incorrect or do not belong to the vessel you are ordering a Conformance Test Report for, please immediately contact our Support team on +44 207 313 7403.

You do not have a test number

A test number is required in order to submit a request. If you are not sure what your test number is, contact our Support team at or call us on +44 207 313 7403.